Maya Pixelskaya | CV
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Academic Information

  • Bachelor in Fine Arts, Passed with Merit.
  • University Degree in Media for Cinema, Radio and Television by the Complutense University of Madrid.
  • Three year studies of traditional fine art media (oils, pastel, watercolour…) with a private instructor.
  • Professional Illustration course finished at ESDIP (Madrid Superior School of Professional Drawing and Illustration). Passed with Merit.
  • 2 year-course of 2D and 3D Animation at ESDIP (Madrid Superior School of Professional Drawing and Illustration).
  • Etching course attended at Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid.
  • 2 month printmaking course attended at CIEC (International Center of Contemporary Printmaking) for which I obtained a full scholarship.
  • Currently cursing the Art History degree at UNED.
  • Certificate of Proficiency in English by Cambridge University. Passed with a Grade A score.

Scholarships and Awards

  • Member of the 3rd Generation of Celera, a youth talent acceleration program for which 10 people are chosen every year in Spain.
  • Selected to be part of the 8th edition of the “Flamantes” art book in june 2017.
  • Awarded with a full scholarship to work on my printmaking projects at the Uttarayan Art Centre in Vadodara, Gujarat (India) during the month of August 2016.
  • Awarded with a full scholarship to study printmaking techniques at the CIEC Foundation (International Center of Contemporary Printmaking) during the months of May and June 2014.
  • Awarded with a scholarship for El Prado Museum’s 2013 Cathedra on the life and work of Goya.
  • Winner of the First Prize at the 10th Art Contest organized by Madrid’s Council.
  • Winner of the Extraordinary Bachelor Award in the category of Arts for the 2002-03 course.
  • Awarded with Madrid’s scholarship for Academic Excellency in the Arts category.


  • Solo exhibition: Abattoirs. Collège d’Espagne, Paris. April 2018.
  • Group exhibition: Las Tentaciones de Velázquez. Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural de la Villa, Madrid. April 2018.
  • Solo exhibition: Matadero. Matadero de Madrid, October 2017.
  • Group exhibition: #NoMeEtiquetes. La Quinta del Sordo, June-July 2017.
  • Solo exhibition: Osadías. Matadero de Madrid, June 2016.
  • Group exhibition: triBall, Madrid creators show. Winter 2013.
  • Group exhibition of etching prints organised by Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid at Casa degli Italiani (Barcelona). July 2014.
  • Group exhibition: Mujeres Valientes. National Museum of Decorative Arts, Madrid. November 2013.

Professional Experience

  • Screenwriter and host of Speedrun, for Esports Vodafone channel (2018- present).
  • Guest on Yu: No Te Pierdas Nada, for Los 40 radio station (2018- present).
  • Show host of AMA: Ask Me Anything, for Esports Vodafone channel (2017- present).
  • Guest of the panel on Videogames and Literature during Madrid’s 2108 Book Fair.
  • Retrogame Artist since 2009, my work is bought from all around the world.
  • Freelance illustrator since 2010.
  • Illustrator for El Corte Inglés (Spain’s biggest department store) from 2010 until 2016.
  • Jewelry designer and TV personality at 24 Kilates, a Discovery Channel production for Discovery MAX (2015).
  • Clean Up Assistant in the feature animated film Arrugas (Wrinkles), winner of two Goya Awards.
  • Illustrator for the videogame Bye Bye Brain (Weekend Game Studio, 2011).
  • Clean Up Assistant for the advertising campaign Gatorade Tiger Focus (2009).

Press Appearances

  • Interview for Esquire Magazine (February 2018).
  • Interview for Liberoamérica (August 2017).
  • Interview for Rewisor (June 2016).
  • Interview for Retrogamer Magazine (September 2015).
  • Interview for IGN Spain (July 2013).
  • Series of interviews for CAPCOM’s website (March-April 2013).
  • Interview for the Spanish edition of Cosmopolitan magazine (November 2012).
  • Interview for the American edition of Nintendo Power Magazine (2012).
  • Interview for Calle 20 magazine (June 2012).
  • Interview for the entertainment website La Paz Mundial (April 2012).
  • Featured in InnerSPACE, a Canadian TV show (march 2012).
  • Interviewed in the Spanish TV show El Plan Neox (Antena 3 Neox channel, March 2012).
  • Featured in the british magazine GamesMaster (march de 2012).
  • Phone interview for Gold Radio UK (november 2011).
  • Featured in the lifestyle magazine H (#114).
  • Interview for the German magazine Rebel Gamer (2010).
  • Featured in many blogs and websites, such as MSN UK, 20 Minutos, Microsiervos, Reddit, etc.